Monday, August 25, 2008


Here I am, awake....awake when I should be sleeping - arghh! I have to work tonight, 7p-7a, and I'm pretty sure I am going to be screwed. I have been trying to sleep all day...usually not an issue for me, after working night shift for 5 years. Between getting up every hour or two to pee, tossing and turning because my back and hips hurt, coughing my head off, and having hot flashes constantly, I couldn't get to sleep. I have been back and forth between the couch, recliner, and my bed -- nothing is working. Everytime I get up, Bogart and Katie get so excited and MUST go outside. If I dare not get up and let them out, Bogart stands over me, breathing hot steaming air on me, whining every few minutes, and Katie decides she can't hold it and pees or craps in the foyer. Then, between all of this going on, Brooks' alarm clock is going off on his phone and he ignores it -- well, I can't - it alarms every 10 minutes and then automatically returns to SNOOZE....SNOOZE - hah! what a joke! I am so aggravated....I thought, maybe if I get up and eat something I will be tired and can get to sleep....yeah, whatever. So, I ate, peed, watched TV, layed down, peed, read some of my book, layed down, peed again, ate again....I think I am going to try anf lay down again and see if I can get back to sleep. Tonight is going to be miserable...good thing I only work tonight and have 2 more days off. Tata for now!

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