Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free from the Bili Lamp...

So, we got to get rid of the Bili Lamp today...yay! Kendall's bilirubin finally came back down to an acceptable level and she has started gaining weight again (yet, she is still not back to her birth weight.) I was so excited! The first thing I did when the home nurse left today was play dress up with Kendall. For the entire first week of her life, she had to lay naked (with exception of a diaper) on top of this "tanning bed." It really is no fun; I wanted to hold her all the time and dress her in all those cute clothes we have. After we played dress up, she got to get in her swing for a little while, which she loved; and then, she ate and slept with mommy in the recliner for a nap....what a wonderful morning!

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EE said...

She is beautiful.