Friday, September 5, 2008

A few days off after a 7 day stretch...

I survived working 7 nights in a row...I'm exhausted and my ankles are huge! I have to go back to work on Monday, but there will be no down time for me! I have lots of work to do to the house to get prepared for baby. We had an OB appointment yesterday....if we do not go into labor by Monday, September 15th, I will be induced. It is so surreal -- only like 10 days away and 4 of those, I am working. My baby shower is this weekend, so I am super excited about that -- gotta love presents! Last night, I finished painting in the baby's nursery and arranged the furniture. I'll have to do the finishing touches around next Friday or Saturday, after I have everything. It is getting down to the wire -- eek!

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EE said...

Yay a baby!

Good luck!!!!!!!!